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Better yet, where’s the beef from?

If you’ve never ordered beef short ribs from us on Friday, let me clue you in on something: you’ll never have to wonder “where’s the beef” as Clara Peller did in the hilarious advertisements by Wendy’s in 1984 (linked here). If you don’t get a laugh out of that, then you’ve had a really hard day and need to relax and have dinner, like maybe some of the best beef short ribs you ever ate!

On the other hand, you might be forgiven if you ever wondered where do we get the beef that Chef Sam uses to cook up a spectacular entrée. Somehow, beef sits at the top of the hierarchy of foods that bring comfort to a weary soul. And our Western North Carolina supplier is a huge part of the magic.

Our beef is the signature product of Ridgefield Farm in Brasstown North Carolina – so far west, it’s almost in Tennessee. The town of Brasstown is situated south-southeast of Murphy, which is the county seat of Cherokee County, North Carolina’s westernmost county, and is about 100 miles due east of Chattanooga Tennessee.

Ridgefield Farm “was established in 1954 by E.J. and Genevieve Whitmire. He was a high school Ag Teacher and she was a high school biology teacher and guidance counselor. The farm has been recognized for its sustainable farming and forestry practices by the State of North Carolina and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. In 2006, the Whitmire Family placed 867 acres of its 1023 acre farm into a conservation easement to ensure that the land would always remain in agricultural use.”

The picture of proprietor Steve Whitmire conjures up a character from TV’s Gunsmoke series. These are real cattle people in our own backyard, and his family has been in farming and cattle since the 1700s. That’s a real commitment and legacy and must be born of a love of the land and the work or they would have fled to more comfortable environs long ago.

We’re fortunate to have opportunities to source our food – not just from local sources, but from local sources with deep ties to our area and a commitment to sustainable practices. So join us for dinner on a Friday and comfort your body with real nutrition from our Western North Carolina brothers and sisters. You’ll never have to wonder “where’s the beef!”

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