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unifying our community at the dinner table

As you may know, YFYT’s whole existence is basically a happy accident. Chef Sam started doing this on a whim after being furloughed as one of Charlotte’s truly exceptional executive chefs when COVID hit. That day, a farmer who Sam had bought fresh produce from for years called to reach out as his restaurant customers started shutting down and cancelling orders. Sam felt a little bit helpless but bought some of the farm’s production and started cooking 3-course farm to table meals as a way of providing a small sales channel for the farmer…and then expanded to buy from other farmers…and so on.

In his own words: “This was my pivot. Supporting our local suppliers, supporting our local community, and telling the stories behind the food so that in my small way, I’m helping and hoping those stories and the food continue to nourish our lives.”

So YFYT was born out of adversity and necessity; out of a need to survive; and most significantly, out of a sense of community, out of a desire to help and be of service.

In that spirit, we have decided to launch The Karma Kitchen – a monthly endeavor to raise money for worthy causes, to shine a light on matters of community interest, to illuminate those matters that sometimes struggle for attention and seem persistently intractable. In the past, we’ve raised money for 100 Black Men of America and Ben’s Friends. We were grateful and proud to be able to bring attention to these causes and contribute financially so soon after our own survival strategy began.

But that’s not enough. We want to institutionalize the spirit of community and service in the framework of our company. To that end, we will feature a different cause or organization each month donate one-third of the the sales proceeds from sales on the night chosen for the featured organization publish a blog article discussing the cause and post about it on social media. We have posted an article on May 2021’s Karma Kitchen in support of Mental Health Awareness Month.

In order to more formally bake the underlying spirit of this initiative into our genetic structure, we have also prepared

a statement of our raison d’être

= Mission Statement =

Your Farms Your Table is a true farm to table meal delivery and personalized dining service dedicated to unifying our community at the dinner table and telling the stories of the farmers and suppliers of the foods that we serve.

= Who We Are =

We are family restauranteurs in the Southern tradition, formally trained at The Culinary Institute of America, serving Charlotte for two decades. 

= Our Purpose =

To build and maintain relationships among our clients, our suppliers, our community, and ourselves with food as the centerpiece and catalyst in the the telling of the story of our lives together.

raison d’être – a reason or justification for being