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Summer’s produce, bright with rich colors, has its own savoir-faire and a gifted chef will intuitively know just what to do to serve up a savory fare

YFYT’s menu this summer is brilliant with yummy colors and luscious salads, sides, sweets, and seasonings. When Chef Sam makes his daily trips to farms and markets, the menus just write themselves. Sure, we have a weekly schedule for the main course, but the 1st course, sides, desserts, preparation, and presentation are all developed on the fly, just like on TV’s cooking shows.

Sam hasn’t cooked the same meal twice since YFYT got started; the details are always different, and that makes all the difference. Yet somehow, these sometimes wildly different preparations and presentations are not so much new food as they are just great food – brilliantly conceived and expertly prepared.

So, sure, you can spark up the grill after work, grab a shrimp cocktail at the Teeter on the way out, or brave the crowd at your favorite eatery – or you can invite over a few friends or just gather the spouse and kids and dine in on the same fresh, nourishing, delightful food that Chef Sam feeds to Christian McCaffrey every day.

And just to get your wheels turninng, here’s our schedule with details here and you can order here.

Update – Tue 20 Aug 2021: check out two of summer’s specials on our schedule the Lowcountry shrimp boil and shrimp ‘n’ grits, both of which are chock full of local shrimp, andoullie, potatoes, and corn, to name a few. These are peak season ingredients that yield peak flavor.

§ Mon – closed § Tue – crab cakes § Wed – boneless BBQ chicken
§ Thu – shrimp boil § Fri – beef short ribs § Sat – shrimp ‘n’ grits