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June 2021

After a year and a quarter of operating a small business that never started out to be anything more than a short-term effort to help farmers and pass the time between jobs, we took a break for some down time. Sam and his two children went to Puerto Rico for some surfing at oh-dark-thirty in the morning and other family adventures.

Quite frankly, we were worn down to a nub. No matter how much fun this is, it’s still work. That’s why they call it “work.”

In order to make this YFYT gig sustainable, we need to try to take care of ourselves as much as we try to take care of y’all – our amazing customers. So time for a little self-care is being baked into our schedule, and we are dropping service on Mondays and rejiggering our menu a little bit, while retaining some favorites and adding boneless BBQ chicken on Wednesdays with UAV mac ‘n’ cheese – a summertime classic, and a Low Country shrimp boil on Thursdays with Old Bay shrimp, sweet corn, potatoes and sausage and clams.

So check out the updated menu, place an order, and let us know what you think.