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Forever Changed: COVID and the New Normal

We’re all probably just about at our limit with bad news and doom and gloom around COVID. Not to even mention all the social conflict among us concerning masks and vaccinations. It’s been a really tough 18 months since the world was thrust into what seems like a parallel universe and alternate reality. Pretty much everything has changed, and more change seems to be on the horizon.

So back in June, local PBS affiliate WTVI did a piece for it’s Carolina Impact series titled Forever Changed: COVID and the New Normal (see it here). I’ve rarely watched Carolina Impact, and this installment shows what a well-done show it is. In this episode, the 30 minute program is divided into segments dealing with life, health, and business after COVID, and it is a much more positive presentation of how we are innovating, adapting, pivoting, and flourishing in a challenging situation.

If you want to feel a little better about human nature and resilience, check this out.

(1) online buying is the new normal (buy paper towels online anyone?).

(2) getting back to the workplace (WFH? what does a post-COVID work space and work life look like?).

(3) at 15:11 on the reel: eating well, really well, when you can’t (or don’t want to) go to a restaurant – and how have restaurants and food and beverage operators dealt with the carnage of COVID business losses (look at ghost kitchens like The CityKitch where Best of Both Souls, From Philly to Charlit, MadDash, and Your Farms Your Table operate their businesses).

(4) turmoil in the labor market – people quitting jobs in record numbers and crazy turnover, major changes in wages and benefits, and labor shortages.

(5) health care during a pandemic – how about a virtual hospital?