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Our Menu (v1)

Our daily menu is “chef’s choice” because Chef Sam does daily farm and market visits looking for the freshest and most interesting ingredients, and he usually doesn’t have a menu planned until the afternoon of the day of delivery.  We don’t announce the menu in advance because it would be after the order cut off time for the day (1:00 pm).  So, generally, you don’t know what you are getting until you get it, and there are no choices.

However, you can specify dietary restrictions and preferences (e.g., vegetarian or don’t like mushrooms) and delivery instructions (e.g., gate codes) in the “Additional Information Order Notes” section of the “Checkout” screen. 

Also, Chef Sam sometimes posts a heads up on Instagram at @ChefSamDiminich, which is currently the best way to keep tabs on what’s on the menu.  For example, today (Sept 10, 2020) he is preparing sake-marinated amberjack with shrimp and lobster dumplings and shiso broth; plum, napa, apricot, and almond salad; and Hawaiian sweet roll bread pudding, and Chef Sam posted a teaser on social media last night after he had confidence that he could get what he needed.

We realize that for every person who loves the chef’s choice concept, there are other people who would like to be able to plan around a weekly menu, and we’re planning to publish a weekly protein menu in the near future and the sides, vegetables, and desserts would remain chef’s choice. 

Generally, we serve crab cakes on Monday; Springer Mountain Farms chicken on Tuesday; halibut or grouper on Wednesday; sake marinated amberjack on Thursday; rotate between beef, pork, and chicken on Friday; and shrimp and grits on Saturday. But this is tentative and subject to availability – so there’s still a little “chef’s choice” aspect to it.

Your Farms Your Table is a brand-new company that was started when UpStream in Philips Place closed due to COVID and Chef Sam was laid off as Executive Chef.  So now we are working furiously to get some routines in place to help our guests know what we’re doing – and it’s a little bit like building the plane while it’s already in flight.  But one thing is for sure, and that’s that the food is awfully damn good!  So, thanks for bearing with us as we develop the business, and feel free to send feedback.