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As you may recall from our Sept 9 Our Menu (v1) post, Our daily menu is “chef’s choice” because Chef Sam makes daily farm and market visits looking for the freshest and most interesting ingredients, and he usually doesn’t have a menu planned until the afternoon of the day of delivery.  Yes, he really is that good!

But for every person who loves chef’s choice, there are other people who would prefer to plan around a weekly menu. 

So we’re firming things up with a weekly protein schedule, which is still subject to availability – so there’s still a “chef’s choice” aspect to it.:

Monday – world famous crab cakes with lots of crab and a bit less “cakes”

Tuesday – Korean BBQ-style Springer Mountain Farms chicken

Wednesday – halibut or grouper;

Thursday – sake marinated amberjack

Friday – beef (usually beef shortribs)

Saturday – shrimp and grits, a traditional delicacy of the South Carolina Low Country with Chef Sam’s unique flair and not skimpy on the shrimp

Also, Chef Sam sometimes posts menu info on Instagram at @ChefSamDiminich, which is not a bad way to see what he’s up to anyway