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transition to summer flavors

About a month ago, we posted an article about “sexy spring food.” Certain produce was coming in, soft shell crab was all the rage (and still is), berries, ramps, and lettuces were abundant. A lot was going on.

Now here we are already transitioning to summer produce.

We still have soft shell crab for Tuesday 18 May, and Wednesday we’ll find out if we can get more softies for the remainder of the week.

We’re seeing the first of the summer crop of white corn. Very few things say “summer” around here like white corn and red, ripe tomatoes. Early season athena melon, local tomatoes, and fresh fennel are becoming more and more plentiful. We continue to find really high-quality grouper from the waters off North and South Carolina.

We’re just now starting to see some good beets from the Carolinas, and we’ll see more and more red, gold, and chioggia beets in the weeks to come. Add to that scallions, kohlrabi, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.

No summer menu would be complete without leafy greens. Look for curly kale, lacinto kale, kale mix, arugula, spinach, rainbow chard, baby fennel, and cabbage.

In other words, all of that is just another way of saying that first courses will continue to delight with interesting combinations of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and amazing dressings. It’s not unusual for Chef Sam’s first course to be so good that it almost eclipses the main course, and these summer flavors will keep us interested.

These summer fruits and vegies will figure into the recipes and sides with our weekly protein schedule, which will continue to evolve from week to week. With that, we are also making one big change to the weekly protein schedule. Starting next Tuesday 25 May, we’ll be serving trout from western North Carolina. Put that on your calendar and let us know what you think!

Weekly Protein Schedule for the Main Course starting 25 May

which is still subject to change based on availability (so there’s still a “chef’s choice” aspect to it)

♥ Monday – world famous crab cakes with lots of crab and a bit less “cakes”

♥ Tuesday – trout from western North Carolina

♥ Wednesday – pan roasted halibut or grouper – Carolina fresh catch

♥ Thursday – chicken Marsala with birds from Brittany Ridge Farms

♥ Friday – beef short ribs – so good, you’ll wanna slap ya mama

♥ Saturday – shrimp and grits – a traditional delicacy of the South Carolina Low Country with Chef Sam’s unique flair and not skimpy on the shrimp

Also, keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for periodic previews, peeks, pictures.