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Karma Kitchen No. 1

Benefitting Solid She

Our inaugural Karma Kitchen supports and recognizes SolidShe, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mental wellness for teenage girls and women, through advocacy, education, and service that was founded by Barjohn Lee, a Certified Peer Support Specialist, a Mental Health Advocate, a Trauma Informed Care team member with NAMI-Charlotte, a veteran of the US Air Force, and a woman with lived experience at Perry Counseling (read her blog post “Bi–POLAR  EXPRESSion & Depression Confessions,” a story told in the first-person). SolidShe aims to target stigma that surrounds mental illness, and inspire good mental health for women and teen girls by Influencing social change and targeting stigma by delivering key messages designed to educate and encourage access to much needed information, support and social activities.

It’s the year 2021. We went to the moon in 1969. Lasers are real. Virtually all of us have either experienced some form of mental illness or been directly affected by it through friends and family. Yet somehow a stubborn stigma is still attached to mental illness. It’s well past the time when mental illness stigma should be a thing. If there were ever a cause that deserves to be supported, understood, and eradicated, it would be mental health stigma – so we can fully devote our attention, energy, and resources to treating, supporting, and embracing those who suffer from mental illness in any form.

YFYT recognizes mental health as crucial to proper functioning of any individual, family, organization, community, and society. We hope you will join us in supporting that notion:

join us for dinner this Friday 21 May 2021, and we will donate one-third of the sales proceeds to SolidShe.

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In case the cause itself doesn’t entice you, perhaps a peek at the menu will:

Chef’s Sam’s braised beef short ribs from Brasstown Farms in Franklin NC, served with sugar snap peas, field peas, and the summer’s first appearance of white corn. There’s more to it than that, but you get the idea. We are straddling the transition from spring to summer foods, and these items represent the bridge to the unfolding potential of something fresh.

Then dessert will include vanilla bean pound cake with local, fresh berries.