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Guest Chef Collaboration with Chef Chris Coleman for benefit of Ben’s Friends

We all know ’tis better to give than to receive, but what if in giving you can also receive an amazing meal?

That’s exactly what happened last week when Goodyear House and Chef Chris Coleman welcomed Chef Sam into their kitchen for a one-time only Goodyear Giving collab dinner (remember when those used to be a thing?).

Tables of 4 were sold out for $250, and the dinner was held in conjunction with Goodyear Giving, GYH’s 501(c)(3) non-profit which focuses on building community through support of specially selected non-profit endeavors.

100% of proceeds will be donated to Ben’s Friends Charlotte chapter, which offers hope, fellowship, and a path forward for food and beverage professionals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. Believe it or not, holidays can be extra stressful for those in the industry (imagine adding on insanely busy workloads to an already insanely busy and stressful season in the middle of a pandemic).

The menu for the evening was well-received:

SNACKS FOR THE TABLE // upon arrival – HRF RED BUTTER LETTUCE WRAPS // pork neck barbacoa, asian pear pico de gallo, watermelon radish, cotija

SLOW-BAKED NC FLOUNDER // verde jimmy red grits, romesco, crispy broccoli, capers, lemon, herbs

GUINEA HEN STEW // carolina gold rice, pickled greens, spiced guinea dashi

COFFEE RUBBED LAMB // smoked onion, delicata squash hummus, sweet + sour pine nuts

PARTING SWEETS // from Pastry Chef Becca Rankin

It just goes to show that eating well is it’s own reward!