Local farms your meal is sourced from.

New Town Farms

Founded in 1990

New Town Farms and the Koenigsberg family have been trailblazers in our community for decades. Their products can be found at Matthews Community farmers market on Saturday mornings as well as their online store

New Town Farms is a small family farm in Waxhaw, North Carolina established in 1990 by Sammy and Melinda Koenigsberg. New Town Farms focuses on the art and craft of growing vegetables on our five acre garden, and has diversified to include Pastured poultry, pastured laying hens, and Heritage breed, free range hogs.

Tega Hills Farm

Founded in 1999

I’ve worked with Mark and Mindy since 2004, they supply most of Charlottes Chef’s microgreens as well as lettuces and herbs. Located south of Charlotte, NC, in Fort Mill, SC, Tega Hills Farm LLC has been providing microgreens, lettuces, herbs, and other specialty produce to restaurants, country clubs, and individuals in the Charlotte area since 1999. We use controlled environment agriculture techniques along with various hydroponic systems to provide year-round local produce to our customers. As a family farm, we are thankful for the opportunity to live where we work, to work alongside each other and our children on a daily basis, to cultivate long-term relationships with our customers, and to provide our neighbors and friends with high quality produce. 

Harmony Ridge Farms

Founded in 2009

I’ve been working with Isaac for the past 5 years, from seasonal vegetables, eggs and duck.

Harmony Ridge Farms is a family owned farm set in the rolling hills of Tobaccoville, NC. We produce vegetables, blueberries, melons, pork, duck, beef and eggs. We strive to increase local access to gourmet-quality natural produce and proteins across socioeconomic divides. All products are grown sustainably, without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We are committed to a sustainable growing system: we produce much of our own biomass energy, and employ numerous soil-building techniques in the field. 2020 will be our eleventh year of production. Many of our products are sold directly to local families through our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and home delivery service. We attend Cobblestone Farmers Market as well as a Farmer’s Market at our barn every Saturday. We also service fine restaurants, caterers and co-ops in Winston-Salem and Charlotte.

Coldwater Creek Farm

Founded in 2009

Coldwater Creek is located in Concord NC. Certified Organic and now with 11 years of growing under their belts. Their products can be found at Davidson Farmers Market and Atherton Mills Farmers Market.

Chef Jamie's Farm

Founded in 2018

Jamie and I have spent years cooking together, paying our dues in Charlottes kitchens. I’m honored to call him a friend and colleague Chef Jamie’s Farm is a 6 acre fruit and vegetable farm in Belmont, North Carolina. Just a stone throw away from The Stowe Botanical Garden and the South Carolina Border. The farm was created by Chef Jamie Lynch, Executive Chef/Partner of 5Church Restaurant group and Top Chef Alum with partner and farm manager, Corey McGovern, Charlotte native and Multifaceted artist. Jamie say’s “My cooking has pushed me to want to be better connected to the food I work with. What better way than to nurture it’s deliciousness from seed?”

Urban Gourmet Farms

Founded in 2015

Urban Gourmet farms is the brainchild of Hiram Ramirez.

Urban Gourmet is a local mushroom farm which takes an organic and self-sustained approach to Urban Farming.  All the mushrooms that they produce are grown in a climate-controlled space without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

Urban Gourmet Farms may be found at Matthews Farmers Market.

Hot Pepper Herb Farm

Founded in 2013

Although not certified organic, Cathy and Eric practice sustainable, agronomy and organic principles. From potted starter plants, small orchard to their namesake variety of peppers, this small size farm has made a big presence at Matthews Community Farmers Market for over 10 years. In addition to the market output, they also provide a small CSA “basket’ that varies throughout the seasons. Cathy and Eric are steadfast in community philanthropy, donating foods and plants for local food banks, churches and their gardens.

Nebedaye Farms

Founded in 2014

Part farm, part classroom, part research and development center. One of my greatest privileges since Your Farms Your Table began was crossing paths with Bernard Singleton and learning about his story. Starting with a few seeds and a planter several years ago, to Bennu Gardens near uptown, to his 11 acre space in Indian land. Growing fruits, plants and rice from his homeland and offering a significant voice to our community that for the most part hasn’t been heard in some time.

You may support his farm via Uptown Famers Market or directly via