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Blue Plate \\ Red Meat

For the politically minded, election nights can produce more anxiety than watching the Panthers melt down in the Super Bowl. So no matter what color your blood runs, or whether you’re even a voter, this has been a strenuous election year, and we thought we’d see what we could do to help calm frayed nerves on election night next week.

Now you may know that Chef Sam hails from an Italian family of chefs, from his father Big Sam to his grandfather Bíga Sáma, who immigrated to the US at the age of 16, with little more than the clothes on his back, and started Myrtle Beach’s first Italian restaurant in 1956: The Roma. I mean, not to make fun or anything, but everybody who ever met Bíga Sáma “does” him, and when they “do” Bíga Sáma, every word ends in “a” or “ah” or “uh,” depending on whether your ear is northern or southern. But I digress.

And it’s well-known that Italian culinary traditions are formidable, to say the least. It’s not merely cooking, it’s celebrating the food and enjoying comfort of friends and family while breaking bread and telling stories.

Enter lasagna. This is not just any lasagna, this is Bíga Sáma’s lasagna, as refined by Big Sam, as interpreted by Uncle Richard, and as served up by Chef Sam. If lasagna is the King of Comfort Food, then this lasagna conquers them all and hails from King’s Landing!

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So settle in on election night, serve up some lasagna, and try to relax in the company of your friends and family. Dinner includes a farm-fresh salad and dessert – quite possibly a donut bread pudding for pure, irredeemable decadence.

Buon appetito!