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Trust and Toiling in the Salt Mines with Family

Your Farms Your Table is a family business and was conceived of in the early days of COVID at my sister Stephanie’s dining room table. I think it’s more than fair to say that if she hadn’t had my back from the get go, I wouldn’t have this business.

I’m the middle child and only boy of five kids. Growing up in a family restaurant that included parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings, we all took an oar, and we all have the hustle that defines life in food and beverage. In that environment, with her fierce protective instinct, she always had my back or was riding my ass, which is pretty much the same thing. Siblings can be like that.

Steph teaches 4th grade and is a dedicated professional. She also teaches yoga and has heart as far as the eye can see. But COVID brought both of those environments either to a screeching halt or into a foggy holding pattern.

As YFYT took it’s first tentative steps into existence, it was initially just something to bridge the gap between jobs and help out as many farms as possible along the way. Then the business took off and doubled in sales almost overnight. It was clear I needed more than someone to bounce ideas off of. I needed someone who I could trust unequivocally to juggle competing priorities and get things done or the operation would sink as fast as it rose.

So my need for a trusted #1 converged with her equally sudden availability and that familial instinct to mob up and make it happen. She jumped in as if she had been thinking about it before I asked – and who else would I ask? She instantly worked out plating, packaging, presentation, routing, delivery, design, and customer service. And she had to make it all up from scratch, just like our food.

In doing those things, and in always. being. right. there, she infused YFYT with her indefatigable enthusiastic spirit and soul, which permeates everything we are. And from that hot, messy, yogic heart of hers, she has driven the wellness aspect of our operation and baked integrity and mindfulness into our breath.

There’s always a “front person” who gets all the attention. But like an iceberg, there’s also always this massive presence just below the surface that gives buoyancy and possibility to the thing we all think we know.

Thanks Steph. We will always strive to be better because of you.