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YFYT’s new Catering Manager Extraordinaire!

a client who loves what we do so much that she made a pitch for a job . . .

Meet Annie Warlick. She and her husband Davis had become regular clients of our catering business – entertaining friends at their home in Myers Park with Chef Sam manning the kitchen. Annie fell in love with the shrimp dumplings first, and everything else just fell into place.

Annie grew up in Charlotte and was a lifer at Charlotte Country Day School, where she played field hockey and ran track. She went to NC State for 2 years and transferred to Georgia for her junior and senior years where she majored in communications as preparation for a career in event planning and did 3 summer internships with prominent catering and event companies in Dallas and New York. And yet she still considers Athens Georgia to be one of the greatest cities in the world.

After college, Annie went to New York City where she worked for Creative Edge Parties for 4 years. Then she traipsed out to LA with Davis, the man who would later become her husband. In LA, she worked for Walt Disney Concert Hall, which was operated by Patina Restaurant Group. She’ll be quick to tell you that you have to really love it to do that kind of work because it’s long hours with a lot of heavy demands.

Fast forward to her return to her hometown of Charlotte, and for the next 8 years, she enjoyed being on the other side of the event table: enjoying the food and festivity with friends and family. In fact, she enjoyed her own dinner parties with Chef Sam so much, she decided that being the mother of 3 children under age 6 was the joy of her life and could only be made better if she could bring the same kind of exceptional food and energy into the lives of other people. She says she couldn’t pull it off if she still had “3 under 3.”

. . . and when I asked her why she got into catering and event planning after college, said said “I’ve always loved events and a good party because nothing makes me happier than seeing people have a good time with good friends, great food, and good drinks.” So I’m pretty sure we have the best catering manager on the planet. She does it out of pure love of seeing joy.

Annie will lead the catering part of our business with Chef Sam. She’s already introducing new catering concepts by breaking down our catering services onto 3 tables:

Full-Service Catering – where Chef Sam and our staff are on-site with you for an in-person experience,

Unattended Catering – where you pick it up or we drop it off for a self-serve experience, and

Virtual Catering – where our drivers deliver to your guests at home where they “gather” online.

So if you’re interested in exploring any of these options, or something that we haven’t thought of, contact Annie and see if y’all can come up with something that makes you happy.

YFYT Catering